How to play

Nifty is World’s first Equity Fantasy game. It is designed for all stock market enthusiasts and for people who want to step into the world of trading. Nifty 11 gives you a chance to test and enhance your knowledge of Equity, create virtual Portfolios and stand a chance to win exciting prizes daily.

Select a Market

You will have to select the market that you want to make the team

Create A Team

To create the team you will have to select 11 stocks from Market

Final Selection

Here you have to select the captain and vice-captain for the you team once select you can

Join the contest

The information about the Challenge is available on the 'Details' menu. Click on 'Join Now' and Voila, It's Done. Sit Back and Relax.

Manage your team

You can edit your team till half before the contest starts

Point System

The points shown is achieved by multiplying %change(+/-) by 1000

Why we have started this Game?

Join million Indians in the most exciting stock game ever. If you’ve ever played a fantasy game, Nifty 11 will blow your mind with daily challenges and real winnings.

Just like Cricket, you make teams of stocks in Nifty 11 . Choose your best 11 and let them compete. Show off your skills and choose the best stocks for your team.

Sign Up in one tap, and be the part of a national revolution right from your phone. Who thought the stock market could be this thrilling?

About us

“Nifty 11 is the capital market game. It is designed for all capital market lover and for the persons who want to step in into the capital market. Nifty 11 gives you a chance to test and increase skills of capital market, create virtual profile and stand a chance to win inspiring rewards.”

Participate in daily games at Nifty11 and enhance your skills for Financial Market. Build a team of stocks (portfolio), compete with the players across World and stand chance to win cash prizes daily. This will help bringing more participants in India & the World Financial Market. Nifty11 is a product of AIIM Edusys Private Limited. The team has experienced members in Education, Equity markets and Technology.


Mostly FAQs asked by our user. If you have other question which our not covered then, Please feel free to connect through our contact us page.

  • What is Nifty11?

    Nifty 11 is an application designed for aspiring traders to learn the equity trading through the gaming. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness & bring more participants in capital market.

  • No. You cannot make changes in your team once the trading for the day is initiated at 9 AM. The team can be edited before 9 AM.

  • After you have selected 11 stocks from each sector’s, it is time for you to choose a Captain and Vice-Captain for your team. Captain gets you twice the point it is worth and vice-captain gets you 1.5 times.

  • There is no option of deleting a team yet. You are required to make a new team before each contest. You can also edit your team and make your changes to it.

  • The challenges are based on daily prices of Stock market. Hence, all the challenges start at 9 AM sharp every day. You are required to make a team and join before 9 AM in order to play that challenge.