Q. What is Nifty11?

A. Nifty 11 is an application designed for aspiring traders to learn the equity trading through the gaming. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness & bring more participants in capital market

Q. Can I make changes to my team even after the challenge has begun?

A. No. You cannot make changes in your team once the trading for the day is initiated at 9 AM. The team can be edited before 9 AM.

Q. How does Captain and Vice-Captain add value to the team?

A. After you have selected 11 stocks from each sector’s, it is time for you to choose a Captain and Vice-Captain for your team. Captain gets you twice the point it is worth and vice-captain gets you 1.5 times

Q. Can I delete a previously created team?

A. There is no option of deleting a team yet. You are required to make a new team before each contest. You can also edit your team and make your changes to it.

Q. Can I join in the middle of the contest?

A. The challenges are based on daily prices of Stock market. Hence, all the challenges start at 9 AM sharp every day. You are required to make a team and join before 9 AM in order to play that challenge.

Q. How do I view a contest I have already joined?

A. Before the Challenge deadline: Tap on Challenges to get a detailed view of the upcoming match you have joined.

Ongoing Challenge: Tap on challenges to there will the live section there you will the get the detailed view of your position.

After the challenge : The contest which you have joined and is in progress will be shown in the “Live”; section, whereas the ones you’ve completed van views on the “Completed” section of the Matches option.

Q. How do I score points?

A. Scoring in any match depends on the Stocks you have chosen and further whether you choose to buy or sell. If you think the price of a stock will fall by the time the market closes, sell that stock or if you think it’s going to gain value, then buy that stock.

All stocks carry equal weightage except Captain and Vice-Captain. The points are derived by multiplying %Change with 1000. After deriving Points for each stock. The stock you choose to be your team’s Captain will receive 2 times points. The Vice-captain will receive 1.5 times points. The team’s score is an addition of all the stock’s Individual scores.

The Results are announced based on Highest Points. If there is any tie between two teams, then the money will be shared by taking the average of their winning amounts.

Q. How can I withdraw my winnings?

A. You can only withdraw money from your winnings wallet. You will not be able to Withdraw in ‘Cash’ or ‘Bonus’ Wallet. To withdraw your winnings, tap on the ‘Withdraw’ option in ‘My Balance’ screen. If you are not able to see the ‘Withdraw’ button and seeing the ‘Verify’ button, we request you to verify your documents.

Q. I’ve placed a withdrawal, when will I get my money?

A. It usually takes us 24hrs working hours to provide the withdrawal.

Q. Can I withdraw my bonus?

A. No you can’t withdraw. It only used to join the challenges.

Q. Where do check Nifty 11 Wallet balance?

A. You can check the Account Balance under ‘My Balance’ option in ‘More’.

Q. Can I transfer my Nifty 11 balance to other Nifty 11 account?

A. No, you cannot transfer the balance from your account to someone. You can transfer ‘Winning Balance’ to your own Bank Account.

Q. How do I add cash to my Nifty 11 account ?

A. You can add cash to your Nifty 11 account through the Payment Gateway.
• Tap on ‘More’
• Tap on ‘My Balance’
• Tap on ‘Add Cash
You can add money through Credit card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI.

Q. I added cash to my Nifty 11 account, but I cant see it. When it will reflect?

A. It usually takes 5 minutes to reflect money in your account. We request you to force close Nifty11 App and retry.

Q. Do you deduct TDS from winning amount?

A. Yes, as per government norms

Q. When I will get my TDS certificate?

A. You will receive your TDS certificate within 3 Months of Winning.