Select a Market

You will have to select the market that you want to make the team

Create A Team

To create the team you will have to select 11 stocks from Market

Final Selection

Here you have to select the captain and vice-captain for the you team once select you can

Join the contest

The information about the Challenge is available on the ‘Details’ menu. Click on ‘Join Now’ and Voila, It’s Done. Sit Back and Relax.

Manage your team

You can edit your team till half before the contest starts

Point System

The points shown is achieved by multiplying %change(+/-) by 1000

Step1: Create you team ( To create a team, you will have to select 11 stocks from nifty5 0, as you can select Minimum 3 stock for buy ( a buying stock will be the batsman) & maximum 8 stock for Selling ( a selling stock will be the bowler) or vice versa. And Other Combination as you need. The One is bullish about the capital market & believes the price of the stock will increase should be the batsman (buying stock). The one is bearish about the capital market & believes the price of the stock will decrease should be the bowler (Selling stock)

Step2: Select the captain and the vice-captain of your Team,

Once you have selected the 11 stocks, then you need to select the captain & Vice-captain for the team. Captain will gets 2x points in the game. Vice-captain will 1.5x points in the game.

Step3: Join a contest

Joining the contest depends upon user in which Market Has he selected. as per the market user will get option to add money if his wallet dont have enough funds to join the match / if user have money in wallet it will get deducted form user wallet.

Step4: Edit Team

User Get option to edit the team till before 30 min of starting the market.

i.e. user has created team today and market start next day morning at 9.15 Am user can edit the team till 8.45 after that user wont get option to edit the Team.

Step5: Live

Once the market has started user team directly go to live section, & there user can see the live status of the team that he / she has created.